Eaton Power Packs

Solar Panels for Eaton Power Packs™

Adding a solar panel allows you to charge your Eaton Power Pack using only the Sun! Take your Eaton Power Pack completely off-the-grid without worries with the Solar Panel accessory!


  • For Eaton Power Pack 140, purchase the 8-Watt Solar Panel
  • For Eaton Power Pack 450, purchase the 15-Watt Solar Panel

Price: $39.99-79.99

Free shipping on all orders!

8-Watt (for Power Pack 140)

15-Watt (for Power Pack 450)


Eaton Power Packs is not responsible for accidents that occur due to misuse, unreasonable use, or failure to abide by instructions. Be sure to read and follow usage directions and safety warnings before using your Eaton Power Pack.